Wish List


This is the page where I throw out ideas and things that I would like to write. Some of these stories are going to be done, many won’t. But, I’m putting it up here because I want to have people look at them and know where my brain is going at times.

A warning-details may change, and some things may go or leave entirely.


  • A space opera series-about seven to nine books from how the outlines are running-that covers multiple planets, star systems, huge space battles, and the ways that governments can go good as well as bad. No utopias, but there will be one very nasty dystopia. The elevator pitch is-“Honor Harrington, with additional relationship innuendo and some very nasty bad guys that we can definitely root against.”

    I plan on having enough detail to do a Squadron Strike supplement for the game as well. The base game can handle all the details, and I think I can get away with a four to five supplement set, depending upon sales and popularity.
  • I blame Just Some Guy for this, and especially his take on Ignited. Mostly because I saw it and went “I can do much better than this.” And, there’s also my dislike of how the two big comic book companies (Marvel and DC) are mishandling their IPs and destroying their brand.

    A two “trade paperback” comic book series, an original superhero IP that I hope I can spin off into more books and maybe bring some people in on it as well. This will require me to get enough money together to produce a “#1 comic,” so I can pitch the complete run on IndieGoGo for the first “trade paperback” of six issues. If it sells well, I’ll have the second “trade paperback” ready for the next round of crowd funding, and then the next “series,” which spins off something that happens in issue#6 of the book. Tentative title-“Steel Team.”

    Elevator pitch is “the psychic love children of Tony Stark and Peter Parker become part of the first wave of superheros after a school shooting.”
  • If Steel Team works out well enough, I have a number of spin-off book ideas ready to go. One of the big ones, and the one I know that I’ll probably get the most heat for, has the following elevator pitch-

    “What if we took Black Panther, but had Killmonger being raised in the United States as a very good thing and drawing your power from tribal/pagan spirits in Africa is a very bad thing all around.”

    And, the more people that complain and the more hate that I get about this idea, the more I will move it up the queue (within reason of universe building details).
  • I want to do a different take on the “urban fantasy/urban horror” genre. Mostly because I want to play with the idea of the succubus/incubus myths and see if there’s a way to map it onto “sufficiently advanced technology” in one way or another. And the sort of things a person does when they become a monster to not become a beast-a thing that you cannot pity but only destroy.

    Tentative title for the first novel, “An Ethical Succubus.”
  • A light novel/harem series based around what happens when you let gatcha game characters loose on the real world. More based around Azur Lane and Kantai Collection than Fate Grand/Order. I see a protagonist, five to six girls (none that are the designated winners by being the first girl), and enough plot to be good, but not anything that can reach door-stopper status.


  • I would really want to write for Black Library in the Warhammer 40K universe. My two story ideas are-
    1-A novel series about a Rogue Trader during the Time Of Ending, in a whole new part of space to explore and discover. At least after the Second War For Armageddon. A new Rogue Trader has a ship, a crew, and a Warrant of Trade. Comedy and starship battles happens from there. At least three books, can extend out to six or seven as needed.
    2-Novel series about the founding and the history of the Sons of Antaeus chapter. I would like to see about giving them a longer history and the sobriquet of “the last Imperial Legion” for a reason.

    And justify writing a Codex for them.

    Short history, four to five books. Long history…I can do up to ten or twelve before I run out of ideas, I think.