Where Does My Writing Go?

I’m still trying to figure out how to fix some things in The Winter Solist, and those problems are the usual problems due to my style of “checkpoint” writing. And, it seems like today was also a day where every time I thought I was going to get to writing, something happened, and I had to get away from the writing.

Every single time.

I really need to build or dig an office or something.

Today’s website to share? Monster Hunter Nation, the publishing site for Larry Correia, known for several great series that I’m enjoying (Monster Hunter International, The Grimnoir Chronicles, Son of the Black Sword), and quite a few good short stories and novellas as well. Fair warning, when he gets into his subject, you might want to have some plastic sheeting handy, if only to protect you from the flying spittle. It’s fun to watch, mind you…just a little vigorous.

Going to have an exploration day tomorrow, might be my first chance in a while for that before school starts. Whatever else happens, at least I’ll get a chance to try out the SMART train.

Back To School Days

So, I put in my final payment to go back to school, get my degree, and with a degree in hand…maybe get a job that doesn’t require me to say “do you want fries with that?”.

And, this may be the first time I’ve ever been grateful for the damned Crow Flu. The first three weeks of classes, at least, are all going to be virtual in some form. I just have to be dressed and wearing clothes for classes and not make the three hour commute to San Francisco every day. Still have to find an internship, but hopefully that can be all virtual work as well.

Writing news-I’m past the half-way point for The Winter Solist and I’m heading to the third act and the run-up to do A Solist In Rome. Some of my other ideas, such as An Ethical Succubus, has some progress as well. I realize that I should work harder to disconnect my inner editor, but I’ve never been a “spew word salad” sort of writer, who just keeps polishing again and again until it’s all done.

And, for today’s shared blogging experience, I’m going to share Kim Du Toit’s blog. Reading him, you get a distinct “get the hell off my lawn” feeling from him, but it’s less “angry about the world” and more “low tolerance threshold for idiots” grumpy. Which I’ve been guilty of as well, but I try not to scream at people. They look at at you funny when you do that.

Lots of collections of neat little stories and hilarious gags about how the world is. And, he’s got exceptional taste in women, which maybe I should start to share on my blog as well.

Shaking The Tree

So, this Monday the tree gets shaken.

On the coin toss of “job/school,” school seems to be the choice that I am going to fall on for the next few months. A degree that actually has some meaning…might open more doors when I look for work.

I’ve also finished most of a chapter for The Winter Solist and I might have two anthology short stories to work on. More details as I find out about them. There’s going to be some juggling when I write for multiple projects…but it beats sitting around doing nothing.

Oh, and just to ego-boo some people that I like, A Song Of Joy by Caroline Furlong is always a good read. She had a great sense of perspective on a number of things that writers deal with for characters and their character arcs. Enjoy!

Subterranean Employment Blues

The process of trying to find a job always frustrates and annoys me.

But, since I didn’t win Powerball last night (but two other lucky bastards did), I’m going to have to find a job.

And go to school.

And not go crazy.

More writing has been getting done, but it seems to take longer than I’m expecting for some parts. Still, the writing gets done.

Wednesday Is Wednesday Is Wednesday

It’s not that bad, but it’s just the middle of the week and you realize how horrible the process of job interview process is.

There’s a lot of “social justice” questioning that you get these days, especially in things like charities.

But, you live and you learn and you discover new things.

Finished about a quarter of the next chapter of The Winter Solist and I’m glad that I was able to get it done.

And, still waiting on school to confirm that I just need to take one semester’s worth of classes to finish my degree.

So, that’s been the extent of my day. I’m not even particularly angry or depressed. Just…flat if anything.

And, tired of a world that seems to be insane in general. Not in specific.

Well, Let’s See…

So, I went to the Christopher Nuttal website, and I found this….

I’ve never written for an anthology before so I’m getting the books from the previous anthology for some inspirations. I have two story ideas, one being a “general” story and the other being the “Christmas” story that I was hoping to submit somewhere else but things kept getting in the way.

I sent my query and my fingers are crossed.

On other writing news-I’m getting near 2/3rds of the way done with The Winter Solist and download Daz3D (or find some open source/free-to-use art that is close) so I can make the cover. The third book, A Roman Solist, is currently in outlining (I’m going to be doing serious outlines for all of my new stories, especially since I’ve got a lot of balls in the air to juggle). Other stories are on hold.

School…I am waiting on SFSU to tell me if I have only one semester to finish classes, or if I have to take more semesters. I can only do one semester, and everybody I talked to before I committed to this was assuring me that it was only one semester. If it’s going to be more than one semester…I’ll have to find a real an actual job. With benefits.

Or win the lottery. So, more resumes out there to find something.

Happy New Years, by the way.

The Clock Runs Down

The holiday season has never quite been my thing, especially when I’ve got a lot of stress and I seem to accumulate projects the same way some crazy people accumulate cats.

Now, if any of them were paying jobs, I’d feel better. No, let’s be honest. One of them paid (photo shoot for a friend, needed new head shots and some holiday shots), The Winter Solist is getting into the last third of the novel, and I’m almost ready to go back to school next semester. This, of course, doesn’t assume that I’m not all of a sudden having to drop school plans to get a full, real job. Because I really, really need health care, especially for my various meds.

My brain is weird when it gets cold and wet like this. Too much time to think makes me depressed, and I have the usual creative issue of “more ideas than time to do them in.”

Filling up notebooks of stuff to read, at the very least.

Some other, happier news-

  • Spider Man:No Way Home and Ghostbusters:Afterlife are both good movies. No Way Home is a little clunky in places and I’m not a fan of the ending (too many shades of One More Day), but it was a great, fun return to classic MCU movie form. Ghostbusters:Afterlife? THIS, no holds barred, should have been the movie that we saw in 2016, not that…thing created by Paul Feig. Go see both, you’ll have fun.
  • It won’t be a spectacular Christmas, but it won’t be a bad one, either.

But, back to the writing salt mine. One more day, another two to three pages of novel.

Frustration And Progress

Personal life frustration is always there. Most of my friends are not around these days, and are leaving the state.

I can’t blame them, at all.

But, the writing progresses. I’m nearing the 2/3rds of the way point for The Winter Solist, and one of my characters is about to have one of those moments. The sort of moments where people realize how things are in their world.

I torture people with horrors, because that’s my job. I’m a writer.

And, back to school for Spring 2022 semester. My goal is to get my Professional Writing and Rhetoric degree done in a semester-which I was able to get the classes for-and use that to get a better job.

I’d like to have my writing sell more, but until then…more writing and more work.

And, I’m hoping that the holidays are good for me this year. If only for the change of pace.

Being Thankful This Year

It’s hard, sometimes, to remember that there are things to be thankful about.

The writing has been harder this year, but it’s getting somewhere. I’m dealing with far too many issues with California EDD and other government agencies. I’m convinced that I’m the only one that can see the monsters out there, the ones hiding in human skin. I’m not finding any job that wouldn’t be a disaster on so many levels. Entertainment has driven me to dive through my DVD and BluRay collection, lest I take an axe to the TV. Oh, and I’m capable of dealing with far too much bullshit than I like.


I have my health. It’s still in reasonably good shape. I’m not broke and won’t have to wonder if I need to pay for medications, food, or rent any time school. I am going back to school next semester and will finish my degree program, which will look better on my resume. The Winter Solist is progressing, I’m almost near the big plot revelation and the large dance number. A few concept stories are being outlined, including A Solist In Rome.

I have my family. They’re good people and I love them.

It hasn’t been a good 2021, for the most part. I feel like my life has just been some kind of holding pattern since March 2020. But, it hasn’t been bad, and I can live with “okay” for now.

Well, There’s SOME Good News…

Writing on The Winter Solist is making some real progress. I’m nearly done with one of the first big fights in the novel, and I’m thinking that I’ll have to expand it a bit more. The story is coming along, but I’m getting past the first checkpoint. So, that’s something at least.

Other stories? I’ve got the outlines for about two other novels, and A Solist In Rome, and once The Winter Solist comes out…hopefully that story will come out a lot more quickly.

Personal life-I was able to get my blood pressure down to a safe level. The truly interesting thing is that to do that, I had to cut one of my ADHD medications out completely. This was a medication I was on for years, because it was one of the medications that allowed me to keep a job and keep my mind on track.

So, I stopped taking the medication two weeks ago…and, I’m doing a lot better in terms of my mental and emotional state. I’m not bouncing around like mad. I’m able to get a full night’s sleep with my CPAP. I’m not having the massive mood swings or sheer, despising hatred of most people and most entertainment. Could it truly be that simple, that easily resolved and easy to handle?

(I still can’t stand most TV shows, most modern comic books, and most “modern” novels. They’re written in a way that makes my brain hurt and are completely incoherent. I tried some new YA novels and they’re just…bad.)

The job hunt has been terrible. Resumes go out, I keep applying for things, but all the jobs that seem to be hiring are warehouse work, retail work, “own car” delivery work, and grocery stores. None of those are practical for me, not really. But, I’m still applying for them. And, on the 15th, SF State will put their schedule up for me to see if I can attend classes without driving myself mad in one form or another.

Fingers crossed, and hopefully good news for me soon.