Words I Hate-“Planned Obsolesence”

So, I’m in the process of upgrading my computer. And, for a number of reasons (including a certain amount of fatigue), I bought about six years ago a Dell XPS computer, because it did everything I wanted. Got it through Costco (so I still have access to some tech support) and with the exception of a few hiccups, it’s been a good buy.

One of my goals is to upgrade this computer into something better, because there are a few games that I want to play, and the video card can’t handle it. Of course not, it’s nearly seven years old at this point.

But, to get the computer able power the video card, I need to install a new power supply. It’s not that complicated, but it does require a few steps. Which is why before I’ve even opened up the case, I have a plan and I’m ready to get going.

How do I change the power supply? I start by pulling all of the cables from what they’re connected to on the computer to the current power supply-and inserting the new cables into where they went after I clean up around the area. There’s a lot of dust and a lot of other crap, so there’s that.

Now, I’m putting in the power supply…and Dell has made sure that you can’t install a non-proprietary power supply without some serious shoehorning. Okay, I can do that. I can do plumbing, this is easy.

…there’s a single, four-pin power supply on the motherboard that I don’t have a replacement cable for.

Not a problem, go to the local computer store and buy a cable.

Local computer store looks like it’s been out of business for at least a month. No signage that it’s dead, but it’s got that “patina of dust” on places.

Go to Staples and Office Depot. They suggest Amazon.

Go to Best Buy. They suggest Amazon.

This leads me to come home, frustrated and angry, and put the old power supply back in. Order a new cable from Amazon.

It’ll be here on Monday.

…whelp. I did get some writing done, mostly out of frustration. So…progress?

Anyways, I suspect the next time I decide to get a new computer, I’m just going to build it from scratch. By that time, the economy will be coming back just enough that computer parts makers will be keeping their prices low to build up their customer base.

It most certainly won’t be a Dell. Or the vanity brands they produce.

Well, Facebook Is Down…

…and, it’s sounding like it’s going to be one of those “it wasn’t funny at the time” stories of sheer human error and hubris.

We’ve been running into a lot of human error and hubris the last few months, haven’t we?

If it’s down for a good, long time…I might have to have social interactions with the people that I live near and that’s a scary thing. Far too many of them make Chads and Karens looks good in comparison.

But, it might mean that I”ll get more writing done because I will have to do something with my time. Who knows?

The Comedy Continues

I’ve gotten a chance to work on Solist At Large today, and had some peace and quiet to work in.

Right now, the biggest goal is convincing Google to give me access to my G-Suite, because I want to make sure that nothing goes weird when I try to use it. I’m also looking at some noise-canceling headphones, because I work on my desktop computer when I’m doing “serious” work. And, the people I live with watch CNN at “airport telescreen” levels. It won’t be soon, but I’ll be figuring out exactly when and how I’ll be getting those soon.

On the subject of the book…I’m getting closer to the “confident that I can publish without feeling too embarrassed about it” point. I remind myself it’s my first novel. People that have great first novels rarely have a good second novel. Once I feel good about that, it’s time to do Cheap Author Copyright via the Post Office, final Kindle formatting, and publication.

My hopeful goal is to have everything ready on 9/13, so I can be up and published by 9/15 on Kindle. It will definitely be done before 10/1, even if I have to throw people out the door at gunpoint.

Well, Comedy

Today was supposed to be the big launch day for the site, getting some actual writing done, maybe even setting up a Twitter and FB page for the work…

I needed to log into G-Suite so I can add a different name for my e-mail, since putting my actual name on Twitter and FB pages might be a Very Bad Idea….

And, Firefox somehow lost the password change.

And, G-Suite takes 48 hours to handle lost passwords.

Oh, well…