The Comedy Continues

I’ve gotten a chance to work on Solist At Large today, and had some peace and quiet to work in.

Right now, the biggest goal is convincing Google to give me access to my G-Suite, because I want to make sure that nothing goes weird when I try to use it. I’m also looking at some noise-canceling headphones, because I work on my desktop computer when I’m doing “serious” work. And, the people I live with watch CNN at “airport telescreen” levels. It won’t be soon, but I’ll be figuring out exactly when and how I’ll be getting those soon.

On the subject of the book…I’m getting closer to the “confident that I can publish without feeling too embarrassed about it” point. I remind myself it’s my first novel. People that have great first novels rarely have a good second novel. Once I feel good about that, it’s time to do Cheap Author Copyright via the Post Office, final Kindle formatting, and publication.

My hopeful goal is to have everything ready on 9/13, so I can be up and published by 9/15 on Kindle. It will definitely be done before 10/1, even if I have to throw people out the door at gunpoint.

Well, Comedy

Today was supposed to be the big launch day for the site, getting some actual writing done, maybe even setting up a Twitter and FB page for the work…

I needed to log into G-Suite so I can add a different name for my e-mail, since putting my actual name on Twitter and FB pages might be a Very Bad Idea….

And, Firefox somehow lost the password change.

And, G-Suite takes 48 hours to handle lost passwords.

Oh, well…