The Wonder Of Writing

Right now, I’m in the middle of purging a whole plot line from The Winter Solist. Have to, really. Initially, I thought it was going to be because I needed to expand the story and plot some more…but, then I realized something. With the fact that I’ve expanded the book series from eight books to … Continue reading The Wonder Of Writing

So, Where Have I Been?

Where I wish I was? Nice hotel room, lovely ladies of consenting age, and peace and quiet for a weekend, to celebrate my upcoming birthday. Where I’ve actually been? At home, writing. Getting through the plot-detangling for The Winter Solist and starting to write around the holes I made. Dealing with the switch over of … Continue reading So, Where Have I Been?

Yep, I Did Too Much

Just to remind everyone, Solist At Large is currently out for sale. And, looking back from the perspective of “I can’t really do anything about it,” it’s now hitting me that I tried to squeeze two books-maybe three-into one. I have plot points that I will not use immediately, story bits that I could have … Continue reading Yep, I Did Too Much

The Point Of No Return

There’s a point of no return on some projects. Where you have hit the button and you’re committed. I just hit that point today, for KDP. Solist At Large is in the KDP publication pipeline, so sometime by Monday or Tuesday, I’ll be wondering if I’ve done something right or wrong or something to that … Continue reading The Point Of No Return

Scary, Spooky Quiet

One of my biggest issues is my work environment for writing. It’s not so much bad as irritating and I know this irritation makes me not happy and it’s harder to write. The big thing is ambient noise-namely The Parents habit of watching CNN, daytime talk shows, and similar things at “ear bleed” levels. So, … Continue reading Scary, Spooky Quiet


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