“So, Other Than That…

“…how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?” a common joke punchline goes. Well, the play hasn’t been going rather well the last few weeks. Short version-things have suddenly gotten really, really weird on me. Health Issues-My ADHD might just be simple anxiety and the medication I’ve been taking has been masking that by a combination of … Continue reading “So, Other Than That…

The Guilt Is Real

Or, “why the author hasn’t been saying anything for a while.” Occasionally, I have an outbreak of social media. Spending far too much time on various places (if you know me, you know where, if not…), and often to the detriment of my writing. It’s usually when things get bad in terms of lack of … Continue reading The Guilt Is Real

The End Of The Month

It’s coming up far sooner than I expected-and, well… Classes have been interesting, but I get this terrible feeling that I should be teaching two of my classes. And, online class work, especially when you HAVE to leave your camera and mike on or the teacher complains, is horrible. I don’t want to hear people’s … Continue reading The End Of The Month

First Of The New Year

Short version-been busy, getting ready for this new and wonderful year of 2021 and that maybe we’ll have some conventions and events going on that I can get out of the house for extended periods of time. That is always good. Health is good, still have health care, back to school at the end of … Continue reading First Of The New Year

Merry Christmas To All

Well, we can’t say that 2020 hasn’t been interesting, in all of those “may you live in interesting times” sorts of ways. Wishing all of my friends, fans, and people that I love a much better 2021. I don’t think I can reasonably ask for more than that right now.


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