Headaches And Headaches

For the longest time, I was on stimulant medication to handle my ADHD. Then, about two years ago, my newest therapist tried out a different combination of medications (namely off-label heart medications), and I was doing a lot better for the issues that the ADHD meds were supposed to work on. But, I had the … Continue reading Headaches And Headaches

I’m A Ball Of Excitement

So, what was the biggest thing I did today? I bought new wheels for my chair! And, I installed them and everything else. Yes, this was what I did today. Small errands, chores, and new wheels for my chair. The chairs rolls around rather well, it’s nice.

Back To The Grind

Writing has been tricky when you have school, an internship, and soon enough a three hour commute to and from school two days a week. (I’m not a fan of Zoom and online meetings in general. You’re very disconnected and a lot of people covertly or overtly record the meetings. And, there’s that whole sense … Continue reading Back To The Grind

My First Week Back

I haven’t worked at a full-time, paid job for nearly two years. So, my internship has been weird. Just I haven’t done this in a long time, and while school is one thing (and, in two weeks, I’ll have to commute down to San Francisco twice a week for school. No more Zoom meetings, which … Continue reading My First Week Back


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