Conjunction Junction…

….what’s your function? Well, in my case, it’s just a massive amount of being scatter-brained and every time I think I’m going to get any writing done…Something Happens. Having to deal with government paperwork. Yelling at the California EDD. Not trying to go crazy with my need to have human contact with people that aren’t … Continue reading Conjunction Junction…

Trying A New Tool

One of the things that any creative has to be careful about is trying out new tools. Let’s face it-90% of creative people have some form of neurosis and the remainder are able to hide it really well. And, one of these neurosis is about our tools. I’ve met people that have patched up, repaired, … Continue reading Trying A New Tool

Fun (Not), One Each

So, I’m trying to get more of The Winter Solist done, and every time I think I’m able to get more than a page or two written… I become the Default Dad. And, I have my own honey-do list. This is a scary thing, terrifying. Dealing with the State of California and all of it’s … Continue reading Fun (Not), One Each

Dealing With “Says”

One of the things I hate when reading other authors is how often they use the word “says.” This is where you roll your eyeballs and go, “okay, have you got your black turtleneck sweater and round-rimmed glasses, because you’ve just turned into a literary hipster.” Don’t, because there’s a reason for this. “Says” is … Continue reading Dealing With “Says”

Story Prompt Day Today

It’s been a slow writing day so far, so I’m going to see what my readers can come up with. Inspired by this story prompt idea, let’s take this quote- “Death’s vastness holds no peace. I come at the end of a long road—neither human nor devil… All bends to my will.” -Demi Fiend, Shin … Continue reading Story Prompt Day Today


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