We Got Rain!

It’s been a long time since we had rain, real honest-to-God rain and it was great to see and hear the weather in action. Writing has been slow again, mostly because of my own personal mood has been sour. Mostly just plot work and note-taking. Oh, and irritation. Amazing amounts of irritation. I’m not sure … Continue reading We Got Rain!

The Ghost Fleet Concept

(I blame Karl Gallagher and Alistar Young for this. And isekei novel ideas. Namely, why would you have a whole bunch of starships with AIs that were clearly looted from your local high school…) The question that was continually asked by the Third Imperium-at least places like Naval Strategy and Planning, Imperial Intelligence Sixth and … Continue reading The Ghost Fleet Concept

Getting Organized

I’ve really got to get myself more organized. Short version, the writing has been slow because that’s what I do for work. When I get out of work, I’m roped into the “honey do” lists, because somebody has to do them and there’s only so much the rest of the family can do. So, this … Continue reading Getting Organized


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