Brain Chugging

I’m really going to have to get more organized in how I write. Case in point, The Winter Solist A-plot needs things from the B-plot and a bit of the C-plot sets things up for the end of the novel and the main part of the A-plot for A Roman Solist. The C-plot is the … Continue reading Brain Chugging

The Danger Of Hope

I’m sitting here, and I’m wondering about hope. I’m also mildly intoxicated (two beers, but one of them was a 13-14% one that was like drinking cheap cold medication but it was free beer, and free beer is never had at a loss except when you dump the penalty weight), so there’s a certain kind … Continue reading The Danger Of Hope

Low On Writing Gas

I promise, the worlds “experimental” and “internet” will not show up anywhere but here, in relationship to “gas.” So, I got a new desk.And, this is a good thing, because my very old desk (nearly…god, almost twenty years old at this point) was a disaster on so many levels. Built for the days when you … Continue reading Low On Writing Gas

So, There I Was, No…

I’ve been very, very busy. Because I need to keep some kind of domestic harmony after finishing my marketing certificate program, I’m looking for a job. Hopefully something better than my last job. I’ve only done one interview so far in two months of looking…and, I’m waiting for this laugh-track moment. Person at the place … Continue reading So, There I Was, No…

Getting Close To Done

I have about three more days of classes, then…probably Summer School. And dealing with the EDD. I was actually able to talk to someone at EDD…who put me on hold for nearly three hours and hung up on me. Which, AFAIK, is something that happens on a regular basis with California EDD. I will have … Continue reading Getting Close To Done


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