“The Winter Solist” Is UP!

My second novel is done and now it’s up and running!

The Winter Solist is the sequel to Solist At Large. Between the world building, the character studies, and explosions, I think there’s quite a bit of good story content in there.

It also leads, very directly, into the next novel, A Solist In Rome, where we get to learn more about Adelaide, Deborah (Adelaide’s newest companion), and an exploration into some of the other major factions in this world. And Rome, we get to explore Rome-both on the normal side and on the magical side.

Just as an aside…I’m running a sale on Solist At Large-$0.99 for the next 30 days. If you want to give my story a try…there will never be a better time.

This is good news, and it might earn me some real taco money…

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