We Have Covers!

If I haven’t thanked Sarah Hoyt enough for the help her and her groups have given me in the process of writing, let me do it again, in big, bold letters…


She helped me out by making my first cover for Solist At Large, and now with The Winter Solist coming up, I asked if she could do a cover for me.

I was hoping for just a cover…and not only did she give me a great cover for The Winter Solist

-she gave me one for Solist At Large, which is going to get swapped with the book when The Winter Solist comes out.

My only complaint? I now wish I had written a novel that was this awesome for the cover. I’m definitely going to need to step up my writing game.

Other that that, I’m now inspired to write FASTER so I can get The Winter Solist out for publication soon.

I just want people to see the cover…

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