Writing Notes For This Week

In no particular order…

  • The Winter Solist is getting close to the end. I’ve gotten past the last few bits that were holding me up, I’m looing at dropping an eARC to find the last few bugs, and hopefully there will be publication soon.
  • Next up in terms of stories-
    • A Solist In Rome-this is going to be one of the “summer vacation” books. Hopefully shorter, helps to fill in the worldbuilding, and in general is a chance to explore the world. After that is going to be the fourth book (very tentatively titled Solist At The Fall), where we get to deal with African myths, the Black Chamber/SOG Manticore, and learning more of Adelaide’s history.
    • Untitled Space Isekai Story-This one has been coming along rather quickly, as I have the “high level” concept for the story done and I’m writing the outline for the first novel. It’s very much a “explore the galaxy” sort of book, with definite vibes of The Expanse, Space Viking, and starship simulator video games (i.e. mapping video game logic to “real world” logic).
      (Oh, and Visual Novel “romance” logic, with an MC that is going to avoid being an ass.)
      It definitely has a start, middle, end, and reasons why things are the way they are. And, using our main character as a modern human male, we get to have things explained (so much info dumping…) in ways that make sense.
    • An Ethical Succubus-It’s making some progress. The outline for the first book is done, so is a lot of the worldbuilding. The first five chapters have been written, and this is probably going to be both a shorter than my usual door-stoppers (seriously, The Winter Solist is going to probably end up about 140,000 words by the time I’m done…) and a lot more “naughty bits.”
      There will be on-screen sex scenes, so I’m doing research into that
    • Other Projects-I’m trying to blog more and find a new job. Shorter commute and somebody actually wanting to train me.
      Fingers crossed.

There will be more as I can get to it, including the announcement of the eARC when I have the cover done from Great Aunt Sarah

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