It’s Going to Be Crazy for a While

Well, on the employment news…

I have a new job. It pays more per hour than I’ve earned at any other job I’ve had before. It has full benefits. And I start the first week in March.

The commute is going to be painful, because it’s either an hour/ninety-minute drive with gas at almost $5 a gallon or a 90–120-minute public transit ride to the new office. The biggest issue is that there are no easy ways to get to the office with public transport, so I’m stuck having half-hour or so stops between one location to another.

(Seriously…if we’ve got a “commuter train” running here, we really need to have it running at a twenty-minute schedule from 6AM-9AM and 4PM-6PM, not thirty minutes. I could probably do better if the trains weren’t so far apart. And, using old train tracks is nice and cheap, but…

(Did I also forget to mention that the trains don’t have WiFi? Complaints have already been made.)

It also means that I’ll be doing my five-days-a-week at the gym is either going to be late before I get home and have dinner or on the weekends. And I have discovered that I might not like the gym, but I like wearing 42 pants and I’m ambitious enough to try and get down to 40 pants.

This means that my writing schedule has just gotten really, really sloppy.


Blog posts are going to be catch-as-catch can, but I am definitely going to talk about some of the ideas that I’ve had…

  • How to sell illustrated stories (i.e. comic books) to people and maybe, just maybe save the Western comic book industry by stealing from Japanese manga. Mercilessly.
    (Hint-get it out of the comic bookstores. Get comics in as many places as possible, as easy as possible to buy, tell good stories, and sell the high-end stuff to collectors.)
  • More Imperial starships! I’m probably going to talk about the Chapar Khaneh-class message packet/commando transport, the Alaska-class battlecruiser, the Francis Drake-class fast battleship, and the Tarawa-class marine transport next.
    A navy just isn’t warships, despite rumors to the contrary. It’s the message ships that can also haul small cargos as needed. It’s the transports, it’s the Scout Service ships, it’s the whole infrastructure that helps to ensure that those Imperial warships are where they need to be.
  • I might also be talking about some of the Imperial organizations, like the Imperial Marine Corps or the Scout Service. Or the insanity that the Imperial Throne and the Archons. Maybe even the Imperial Legions (who guard the Imperial family and also serve as “you’ve just made the wrong person angry” force of the Emperor).
  • More “behind the scenes” things on writing.

On writing? I’m writing a short story for the Fantastic Schools series, and it’s going to be a story about Sister Justina just after the end of The Winter Solist and somewhat inside of A Solist in Rome.

An Ethical Succubus has been delayed, but hopefully not for long.

Other projects are delayed, but hopefully not for too long.

There will be more good news, fingers and toes crossed.

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