I Don’t Need 2023 To Be On Hard Mode

Because we’re only five days in and I don’t want to find out how it can be worse.

Mom is in the hospital, as she slipped and fell literally on New Year’s Day. Everybody thought she was bruised; it turns out that she cracked a vertebra and now her doctor and everybody is trying to figure out in exactly what order to treat her. But she is going to have to have surgery, and that’s a couple of days of recovery. So that threw us all for a loop.

I’m not going to say that we suddenly got a whole lot of rain starting…the first of the year. I won’t. But we’ve got a guy next door that’s building an ark and he’s blocking the driveway…

Job hunting has been terrible, as I’m trying to find a job as a writer when everybody seems to be letting go of anybody that in theory could write. The nearest thing that I’ve had to viable interviews is for being a waiter and managing a storage complex. Neither has gotten back to me yet, and I don’t want to be a waiter. Too much time on my feet and I need health care. Looking for jobs with the local city and state, but that takes time and I’m far too much of a worrier to really have that kind of endurance in my job hunting. Especially with all of the other things going on.

And because of all this, my writing has suffered. How couldn’t it have suffered?

I’ve been getting offers of help, and mostly what I need is this-

  • Buy a copy of my novel, Solist At Large and leave a review. The review is very important, as the more reviews that the book gets, the more it shows up on Amazon. The more it shows up on Amazon, the more chances it’ll show up on “if you like” and similar listings.
  • If you feel an urge to contribute directly, please let me know.
  • Thoughts and prayers are welcome. Please add a fundamental prayer to the Chief Engineer that there are far too many failure modes in human beings. Failure modes that can’t be fixed.

    And you can’t get OEM or performance parts if something breaks. Only salvage parts, maybe.

So, all I can do is all I can do. Hopefully get some more time at the gym and getting back to the gym. Walking around the house with ankle weights so that I’m getting some exercise. Maybe even doing some writing.

And keeping calm and carrying on.

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