Happy 2023!

2022 wasn’t that bad a year, when you think about it.

I graduated college, finally.

I got a job after being stuck without one for nearly two years due to COVID.

I was…successful for a time.

Hell, I was even able to go to the gym on a regular basis and the exercise has been helpful. At the very least, I might be able to fit into 42 pants if I can get my waistline under some more control.

Then, just after Thanksgiving, I got a kick in the teeth-I was laid off.

And another kick in the teeth-confronting that I’m not happy, not satisfied with myself, and that all the things I thought I was doing right…I’m not quite doing them right.

But 2023 is coming up. And, if I could survive the last three years…I’ll make it through next year. I’m applying for jobs in writing and anything else that would get me a foot in the door and health care.

I’m writing as fast as I can.

And I’m getting into shape, one way or another.

So, just remember all of the good things that happened this year, and remember that you survived the bad.

Happy New Years to you all.

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