Art Writing Prompt 12-13-22

(Inspired by art from Yui Toshiki. Go check out his web page and Twitter account…)

“Well! That was exciting!” Candy smiled as they waited at the bus stop.

The Tiāntáng Resort Company offered its guests many opportunities to enjoy the world of Quèbān, and one of those opportunities was some of the most beautiful beaches, beachside resorts, and beachside nightclubs that you could find in the entire Valden sector. The Guestlist was one of the most exclusive nightclubs in the Algonquian Islands and just getting on the waitlist was something you did long before you even arrived on-world.

Candy and Kimbery, her stepsister, managed to not only get on the wait-list, they had the perfect outfits to wear. The Guestlist, like most of the clubs on the Algonquian Islands, were pre-slipspace themed and the particular chain of islands was themed in the late 20th Century Miami, Florida. The Guestlist specifically had a 1980’s dress code with bouncers that would absolutely enforce it.

Candy thanked her lucky stars that Kimberly knew pre-slipspace fashion because of her job as a fashion director for entertainment programming. She was also the sort of woman you could drop into the middle of the desert and she’d walk out dressed perfectly for any event that night in the nearest town.

“Oh, yes,” Kimberly chuckled under her breath, and rested her hands-still in the white opera gloves-on her knees. “I was right, you know. We didn’t need any luggage last night…”

“But, how did we know we’d meet Danny?” Candy smiled, adjusting her black-and-red ankle boot with one hand. “I swear, they had to have used patent leather for the insoles, my feet felt like they were slipping most of the time we did anything.”

“You’re just not used to club dancing like that,” Kimberly sighed. “When does the bus to the mainland get here?”

“Twenty minutes,” Candy checked her network link, reviewing the schedule.

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