Writing Notes for December 10th

One of the biggest problems that I have for doing my writing is…intermittent motivation. There’s no particular reason for it, but there’s just times where I know that I need to finish up some writing…and it won’t come naturally.

It often requires me to do my work at the last minute. It comes out great, I’m proud of it, I just wished I could be less…dramatic about it. It’s not even the fun kind of drama, the exciting kind.

The Winter Solist is still getting closer to the endgame portion, but not as fast as I’d like.

I actually wrote a whole chapter and a half of An Ethical Succubus, and I’m going to have to revise the plot outline again (I need to have my main character do something horrible and make it clear that this was something horrible, unintentional, and they can be forgiven. But the road won’t be easy.)

Several other smaller story ideas are being worked on.

I’m writing up longer blog posts, hopefully for next week.

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