I’m Not Sorry, But Pretty Close…

I’ve just been busy, the sort of busy where you know you have to write something, you have things you need to get done…but once you get home, you don’t want to do anything.

Had to make a drive up to Oregon to clean out a dead uncle’s storage locker. Went up Saturday morning, came back Monday morning. The drive wasn’t too bad-nine hours each way with a stop for breakfast and lunch. But…family was at the end of it. It’s not bad on the scale of other families-no screaming, no yelling, no fist-fights, nobody shooting at each other-but, family fights are never fun. And…wondering if your family member truly has the issues they claim, or they’re doing the whole “poor pitiful me” to get other people to do things for them isn’t fun.

Oh, and IHG really needs to do a serious renovation of the Holiday Inn Express in Corvalis. Seriously-we had a leaking bathtub and toilet in our first room, and when they couldn’t get that fixed, we moved to another room. That room had worn-out plugs (if we didn’t have power strips for our things, power adaptors for our equipment would have fallen out), and there’s a general sort of tired to the place. But, that also describes Corvalis as well.

Corvalis, Oregon reminds me of Berkeley, twenty years ago. I’m pretty sure that isn’t a compliment. The city just seems worn if you get far enough away from the University campus or the main downtown area. Lots of deferred upkeep, but I don’t know if this is just how things are for the next few years, or the echos of COVID and everybody being short on money. I’m not sure how the shopping was-which is something I try to do whenever I wind up in a new town-because we were far too busy dealing with family matters.

For writing-

  • The Winter Solist is coming, slowly but surely. I posted a few snippets and people are enjoying them…enough that Solist At Large got some sales. That’s something, least.
  • A few of my other writing projects, including my ideas for a space opera series and one idea I can’t talk about right now are coming along as well.

Otherwise…it’s November. Seems like it came far too early this year by about two weeks. I don’t know why, but…it just did. Maybe it’s the crazy election season, maybe it’s just other things going in. Don’t know, but got to stay busy.

Will hopefully have more news to talk about soon, but no promises as of yet.

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