How Come It Matters So Much?

I’m not having a good weekend.

Monday, I go in for blood work before my checkup and I’m going to get the usual complaints from my doctor. I need to trim more things from my life.

I should have had more bad habits. It would be easier to get rid of those and still have ballast left over to get rid of and still have things to enjoy. But I couldn’t afford more bad habits, so I went for quality over quantity.

Today I got something in the mail. Something I wanted.

Oh, I know it was there, it had happened. I’d been in school, I’d gotten all of my grades, I had gotten my formal paperwork done. I even had an electronic version of it.

But…I have my physical degree now.

I got it. It’s hanging up on my wall.

And, after my crappy feeling day today, that’s what makes all the difference.

…and, a bit more of the story machine is starting to work again. It’s hard, because I’m usually mentally exhausted when I get home from work, the urge to write goes away for a while. Then I have to go to bed.

If the mojo is coming back…time to make it work.

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