Headaches And Headaches

For the longest time, I was on stimulant medication to handle my ADHD. Then, about two years ago, my newest therapist tried out a different combination of medications (namely off-label heart medications), and I was doing a lot better for the issues that the ADHD meds were supposed to work on.

But, I had the fun of what I called the “adderal headaches” happen again, starting about a year ago.

It has to be the fact that I’ve been long-term detoxing from the medications. It’s not the fact that I’m going back to school again, and having to make the long-ass commute down to San Francisco twice a week.

Or a new job. Which I’m still learning the ropes and getting myself

Or that I’m short on writing time.

Or that I’m going to have to deal with a number of switch-overs in the next few months. Health care, primarily (and out of pocket, the new job doesn’t have enough people to interest most health care providers). Still going to be cheaper than my commute costs down to SF a few years ago.

Or that I’m trying to get back into shape and exercising again.

Or that we’re having car trouble here, at the worst possible time (Honda isn’t as bad as BMW, but when they do go bad…)

Or finally being able to do real conventions with the return of FanimeCon and KublaCon…and their crazy COVID policies.

But, I’m almost done with school, almost at full time with my job…and the job doesn’t make me want to pinch my nose and pretend that I’m actually doing something worthwhile.

It’s not exactly the progress I want, but it is progress.

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