Tonight’s post was going to be on issues with stories.

Instead, I’m having to clean my dog and wash down the street because she got hit by a skunk. It wasn’t bad, but it’s still That Smell and now I’m going to be worried for a few hours and hope that she doesn’t have some kind of a reaction.

(Washed her off with tomato juice then a concoction to kill the chemicals. Seems to have worked. She hates getting wet, there’s a reason why she gets a professional wash when needed. Checked on her twice while writing this posting.)

Not a lot of writing got done, today was an errand day and being distracted by Dyson Sphere Program. Yes, I try to wrap my head around factory creation games for fun. And running around trying to figure out how to make all of those belts work. I haven’t gotten to the “making maps” stage, but I think if my math skills were better, I’d be a happier industrial engineer than a writer.

Hopefully less of That Smell tomorrow, made sure to clean everything off myself as well.

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