Well, That Escalated Quickly

I finished a whole chapter of The Winter Solist, and that was interesting. I am worried it might be a little too meta, but that’s what happens when you deal with the Fair Folk. I’ve got at least one potential intership/project for my degree program. And, I went comic book shopping and got nothing at all.

At least it’s the middle of the week.

And, I’ll probably be doing remote learning for three weeks. Yay. And, the one textbook that I need is on Amazon and it’s almost 25% off from the school bookstore price. Yay!

Today’s website? Why, none other than Defunctland, where we learn all the stories of what happened to classic rides at various amusement parks, how some of the tricks of the trade work, and history. I’ve put the videos on in the background and just listened to them while working on other things, it’s nice.

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