Where Does My Writing Go?

I’m still trying to figure out how to fix some things in The Winter Solist, and those problems are the usual problems due to my style of “checkpoint” writing. And, it seems like today was also a day where every time I thought I was going to get to writing, something happened, and I had to get away from the writing.

Every single time.

I really need to build or dig an office or something.

Today’s website to share? Monster Hunter Nation, the publishing site for Larry Correia, known for several great series that I’m enjoying (Monster Hunter International, The Grimnoir Chronicles, Son of the Black Sword), and quite a few good short stories and novellas as well. Fair warning, when he gets into his subject, you might want to have some plastic sheeting handy, if only to protect you from the flying spittle. It’s fun to watch, mind you…just a little vigorous.

Going to have an exploration day tomorrow, might be my first chance in a while for that before school starts. Whatever else happens, at least I’ll get a chance to try out the SMART train.

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