On Resisting Temptations

Everybody has the things that make it hard for them to leave the store, the market, or the various other places.

I wonder, seriously, if one of the biggest signs of old age is that you aren’t tempted anymore. You start to see the liabilities and the issues of these things.

Or maybe just my own particular kind of cranky nature. Worried that any momentary joy is going to make my life worse.

Maybe both. Or a third thing I don’t know about.

So, when Great Aunt Sarah goes on the Internet and finds this…well, I have to take a look at it, don’t I?

What “this is” is the reMarkable 2, which is one of those e-paper tablets that have handwriting recognition and uploads to the cloud and Google Drive compatibility and long lifespan and…

I don’t need it, I should be taking more notes on my writing and I should use paper.

It’s got a massive lifespan, like nearly a day or so of constant use on the battery.

I’d have to buy a folio cover and the price is based around a monthly subscription and…

But, it’s simple, it’s clean, and you can do stuff easily with it and not live off your iPad mini…

Folks, temptation might win, two falls out of three. I’m still wrestling with it. But, if I do…

And, today’s blog share is of course Great Aunt Sarah, aka Sarah A Hoyt-science fiction writer, political commentator, and unofficial Great Aunt (she’s Portuguese, I’m Portuguese on my father’s side and there’s some suspicion that the family tree has some very narrow forks not that many generations back). She’s in the process of a new move to a new place to live, writing more stories, and needing to discover the joys of a really good work chair for when she writes.

So, yes, go to Amazon and buy as many of her books as you can, please. Her confused “why am I suddenly getting a lot of sales” numbers will make me smile.

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