Get The F(YAY!)K Off My Lawn…

I’m officially old. Or, at the very least cranky and pissed off.

Case in point, I”m the family’s unofficial (since being official would require me to be paid) tech support guru. The Parents have a new Waze camera, because there’s been some…excitable people moving into the area. And, the camera won’t connect. At all. It’s all the fancy wireless IOT things, and the hardware just doesn’t want to work.

Worked through all of the troubleshooting steps, had to run between the router and Mom’s chair because we’re using one of her tablets (she has three iPads, because she “doesn’t want to lose track of what’s on them,” despite everything updating to the cloud…) for the Waze software and it has all the passwords and everything. Including one that requires Apple ID and her thumb. So, frustrated, I call Waze tech support.

I’ve dealt with Indian tech support-and I have some sympathy for them. Being crammed into a two bedroom apartment in groups of six or eight in San Jose beats the hell out of what particular part of India they left. This guy had the heavy accent, the “does not understand the Eeeenglish” phrasing, and I had to spell out things in the phonetic alphabet at least twice. I tell him that I’d done all the steps on the web page and he says, “Well, let’s just try…”

And we start on the first step on the web page. Right down the line.

I start anticipating his steps, and he gets irritated.

Eventually, after an hour of doing all the steps that I’ve already said that I’ve done…he tells me “oh, yea, it’s broken. We’ll send you a new one.”

And, I have to walk through, twice, our address. And the order number. And the shipping type…

Did I just get old, and nobody told me about how terrible things are? Or are all of these Internet Of Things companies just have terrible support services?

Didn’t get a lot of writing done, but I got a page and a half down. So that’s…something?

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