Well, Let’s See…

So, I went to the Christopher Nuttal website, and I found this….

I’ve never written for an anthology before so I’m getting the books from the previous anthology for some inspirations. I have two story ideas, one being a “general” story and the other being the “Christmas” story that I was hoping to submit somewhere else but things kept getting in the way.

I sent my query and my fingers are crossed.

On other writing news-I’m getting near 2/3rds of the way done with The Winter Solist and download Daz3D (or find some open source/free-to-use art that is close) so I can make the cover. The third book, A Roman Solist, is currently in outlining (I’m going to be doing serious outlines for all of my new stories, especially since I’ve got a lot of balls in the air to juggle). Other stories are on hold.

School…I am waiting on SFSU to tell me if I have only one semester to finish classes, or if I have to take more semesters. I can only do one semester, and everybody I talked to before I committed to this was assuring me that it was only one semester. If it’s going to be more than one semester…I’ll have to find a real an actual job. With benefits.

Or win the lottery. So, more resumes out there to find something.

Happy New Years, by the way.

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