The Clock Runs Down

The holiday season has never quite been my thing, especially when I’ve got a lot of stress and I seem to accumulate projects the same way some crazy people accumulate cats.

Now, if any of them were paying jobs, I’d feel better. No, let’s be honest. One of them paid (photo shoot for a friend, needed new head shots and some holiday shots), The Winter Solist is getting into the last third of the novel, and I’m almost ready to go back to school next semester. This, of course, doesn’t assume that I’m not all of a sudden having to drop school plans to get a full, real job. Because I really, really need health care, especially for my various meds.

My brain is weird when it gets cold and wet like this. Too much time to think makes me depressed, and I have the usual creative issue of “more ideas than time to do them in.”

Filling up notebooks of stuff to read, at the very least.

Some other, happier news-

  • Spider Man:No Way Home and Ghostbusters:Afterlife are both good movies. No Way Home is a little clunky in places and I’m not a fan of the ending (too many shades of One More Day), but it was a great, fun return to classic MCU movie form. Ghostbusters:Afterlife? THIS, no holds barred, should have been the movie that we saw in 2016, not that…thing created by Paul Feig. Go see both, you’ll have fun.
  • It won’t be a spectacular Christmas, but it won’t be a bad one, either.

But, back to the writing salt mine. One more day, another two to three pages of novel.

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