Frustration And Progress

Personal life frustration is always there. Most of my friends are not around these days, and are leaving the state.

I can’t blame them, at all.

But, the writing progresses. I’m nearing the 2/3rds of the way point for The Winter Solist, and one of my characters is about to have one of those moments. The sort of moments where people realize how things are in their world.

I torture people with horrors, because that’s my job. I’m a writer.

And, back to school for Spring 2022 semester. My goal is to get my Professional Writing and Rhetoric degree done in a semester-which I was able to get the classes for-and use that to get a better job.

I’d like to have my writing sell more, but until then…more writing and more work.

And, I’m hoping that the holidays are good for me this year. If only for the change of pace.

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