An “Ironheart” Revelation

So, Disney+ decided to do a promo/demo of their latest run of MCU shows, and I have issues. I kind of like the Moon Knight promo, if they can keep up the same general “Batman, but crazy as hell” attitude to the show, there’s something there. “She Hulk”…not happy, but I also was a big fan of She Hulk when she was the female meta character in Marvel Comics. Being far too good at calling things out-and being a good person as well. “Ms Marvel“…I definitely have mixed feelings about this show. Kamela Khan was, in my opinion, far overhyped for a starting character and they never did know what to do with her. And, nothing about this show suggests that they have a clue where to go with her.

But…oddly enough, they have Ironheart as a future show, and something just clicked in my brain. Take this basic concept, the character of Riri Williams (who, like Kamela Khan has been far overhyped in my opinion for someone starting out so soon), and a throw-away line from Avengers-Age Of Ultron, when Tony Stark suggests that they just built a suit of armor around the world.

Turns out that Tony Stark…almost did that.

First episode introduces us to Riri Williams, and the few friends that she has. Classic nerd, one each, but she’s got a good heart to her. And, she’s curious. So, she’s exploring an area of New York where cell phone signals go bad, and we can see that she knows how to build electronics and such. In the process of exploring, she falls into one of the buildings badly damaged over the years…because it’s New York. When she gets in there, she discovers a whole automated factory. An automated factory built to let Tony Stark build suits of armor to start armoring the world. Complete with an early Ultron AI (and, of course voiced by James Spader, in full trickster mentor aspect), who decides that since Riri is here, he needs to start mentoring a young teen girl with attitude…which becomes a team of teenagers with attitude…

Yes, we’re doing a full super sentai show in the MCU.

There might be a giant robot. Maybe.

And, it lets us build up Riri and her background as someone beyond “borrowed Tony Stark’s tech and became a superhero.”

Comments, complaints, threats upon my life?

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