It’s Bad Form, Isn’t It?

To spit over the very edge of the world?

It’s been…not bad. I’m not in any particular danger or risk or need to set up a GoFundMe to get money because I’m short. I have been dealing with a lot of nagging little issues, top to bottom.

Health issues-high blood pressure runs in my family and I’m not that big of a genetic outlier. So, more exercise, less salt, less time working on the computer, which means…

Writing has been slow. I’ve got a spec project (research for a non-fiction book), that I’m working on, and I’m also working on finishing up The Winter Solist and writing outlines for A Solist In Rome, some untitled writing project ideas, and quite a few other projects.

School-if I can do it all in one semester, everything is going to be put on hold so that I can finish my degree program. Which means that unless there’s another COVID disaster, I’m going to be commuting down to San Francisco on a regular basis. And, I’ve looked at just “a secure room with a shower, a fridge, and good Internet access” for the four to five months it’ll take for me to finish my degree. It is ALMOST as expensive as a full semester’s tuition, commuting three or four days a week is cheaper. Even the dorms would be expensive-between the cost and the mandatory meal plans, and they don’t have a single monk-like dorm room (which is all I need, really-one freaking semester) that I need.

Employment hunting has been terrible. I’m not working in a warehouse. I’m not working counter or retail or “own car” delivery. And, any of those jobs would bounce me off my current medical care into something worse. You start to understand why people want single-payer health care when you look at this crap, despite knowing that single-payer is like the Post Office but with doctors.

And, my fiscal concerns. I’m not in any trouble, just…little nagging things. Like for example, I’m having to manually update my Patreon payments. This isn’t a bad thing, I’ve trimmed out some people that I’ve wondered why I was supporting them. But, from the people I’ve been talking to, this is all (and I suspect, intentional) fallout from SESTA and FOSTA and it’s various weird requirements. Which have all just appeared to kick in today.

But, it can’t mess with my writing mojo, because I’m now writing again and figuring out work-arounds for the parent’s CNN addictions.

Progress will be made, one way or another…

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