Conjunction Junction…

….what’s your function?

Well, in my case, it’s just a massive amount of being scatter-brained and every time I think I’m going to get any writing done…Something Happens. Having to deal with government paperwork. Yelling at the California EDD. Not trying to go crazy with my need to have human contact with people that aren’t in my immediate life.

So, it’s been a little frantic here…

But, I’ve gotten done some more note taking, writing stuff that I need to get done, and general “foundation prep” stuff for quite a few things. With some luck, I can turn all of that into faster progress on projects in the next few weeks.

The Winter Solist is getting close to the big dance number, and after that, I’ve got to start thinking about more details on A Roman Solist. But, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is actual daylight.

Hopefully, no crazy things will happen this month.

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