The “Joys Of Job Hunting”

I’ve been told that it’s been a rough time for everyone looking for a job.

Let me tell you, it is rough all around. I swear, it’s either “get a job doing warehouse/delivery/Amazon work,” which I’ve already had the warning signs that I have my father’s (and uncle’s) joints and back. That kind of work would probably tear me several new ones in very short order. Or, employers are looking for “exactly perfect square pegs for the square holes we need, and if you’re the slightest bit off…”

Doesn’t mean that I’m not stopping looking for a job. Or writing.

On the writing front…

  • The Winter Solist-Making good, if slow, progress. Biggest issue is the bridging scene where Adelaide sets up what triggers the big dance number. I’m still trying to figure out a more organic way of pulling it off.
  • Untitled Urban Fantasy Novel-Slow going. Issues with plotting, and I might roll back and use the tools that I’m developing for…
  • Untitled Isekei Novel-I’m getting away from the original “science fiction RTS gameplay as real life” option and looking at two different stories. One is pure science-fiction, and the other is fantasy with a definite “giving Radio to the Romans” aspect to it. These two stories are going to be the stories that I use the new outlining tools for.
  • Short Story-I’m writing a short story in the The Last Solist universe, based upon the idea of “you can’t go home for the holidays.” It’s being a bit rougher than I expected, mostly because I’ve got to deal with the fact that a Solist doesn’t…quite get PTSD. Not like most people get it. But, more writing.

Hopefully, I’ll have more good news in the next few days. Fingers crossed.

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