The Q-Tip Is Getting A Lot Of Work

Staying on top of my writing has been always been an issue-and it hasn’t gotten better lately.

Until I get a job, it’s all looking for a job and doing the work hustle and helping keep the house up…so that leaves precious little time for writing.

The world has gone crazy, and you get the feeling that there is nobody behind the curtain and nobody is keeping the machinery from falling off a cliff.

And, that’s when my brain needs to escape the most. And, when I have the last amount of time to do any writing.

What really frustrates me and pisses me off? I had two jobs that would have been perfect-no commute to San Francisco, reasonable work hours, one of them was even in marketing (which I got a certificate for), and it would have been nice to get a job in before the disaster hits in a few weeks as everybody and college graduates and everyone that has their unemployment running out looks for work that doesn’t involve asking for fries.

It’s frustrating and tiring. But, more resumes, more job hunting, hopefully more posts here and more things to get my SEO scores up and have Google-sempai notice me.

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