Sometimes, It’s Not Even Worth Being Angry

So, 90% of the time, I like fireworks. I love fireworks. I think they’re fun, even when they’re up close. And, after the last two years, I could use a good fireworks display. I wasn’t a fan of the idea that they were canceled this year. I understand the reasoning-the hills are dry as hell and a proper grass/forest fire is something that we don’t need right now. But, I would have preferred an official fireworks program with lots of firefighters ready just in case to the remaining 10% of when fireworks are used.

Then, we have that 9% of the time when I don’t like fireworks. Usually because said fireworks are going off very nearby, often are illegal fireworks, usually late into the night, and I have this feeling that I’m going to be the one that has to clean things up when something goes terribly wrong. Our local idiots tend to like big fireworks and the worst local idiot lives next door, his roof-replacement project has been going on in fits and starts for nearly a year and it’s all bare and new plywood now. Not even roof shingles, just plywood.

Finally, we get to the 1%. Where they check off all the previous issues, and turn things up to eleven.

Very nearby? Oh yes. Nearby idiot wasn’t setting stuff off, but there was at least some going off a block away.
Illegal fireworks? You can’t even get “safe and sane” fireworks in about a hundred miles of here. Maybe a hundred and fifty.
Having to clean up? Our dog was not happy with the fireworks this year. Immediate escape into the kennel all night, didn’t do well until 1 am, when the last set of fireworks went off.
Big fireworks? Pretty much every hour, on the hour, one of the local idiots set off something two or three blocks away behind the house. Said “something” was big enough to rattle the windows in the house and set off car alarms-in front of the house.

It’s not fun waking up at 1am because something went off that made your body reach for the nearest sharp object. That rush of fear adrenaline that requires you to bring yourself back down, to think because it isn’t where you think you are.

So, I didn’t sleep well last night. I’m frustrated with the issues involved with The Winter Solist, mostly because there’s this one plot point that I can’t seem to quite get resolved. Going to back up and try to work through it again.

And, job hunting. Until I can afford to buy more than a single Taco Bell meal a month on my writing…

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