Brain Chugging

I’m really going to have to get more organized in how I write.

Case in point, The Winter Solist A-plot needs things from the B-plot and a bit of the C-plot sets things up for the end of the novel and the main part of the A-plot for A Roman Solist. The C-plot is the entryway into the A-plot for A Roman Solist, and it’s important because we have to introduce at least two or three new characters.

The problem is…I’m having problem getting the plots to synchronize. I’ve had to do a tear-down from about chapter nine or so twice to get to chapter 17. And now I’m stuck at about the half-way point, again. I don’t think I’m going to have to tear it down, but…

I’m going to have to set up one of those plot-tracking spreadsheets for A Roman Solist, and I might have to take a few days with The Winter Solist to try and get it organized as well.

And, I can also see why a lot of authors hate first-person perspective. You have to keep a lot of balls in the air-and a lot of this stuff has to be done in the backstage, because your main character isn’t omniscient. Usually.

Back to the salt mines.

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