So, There I Was, No…

I’ve been very, very busy.

Because I need to keep some kind of domestic harmony after finishing my marketing certificate program, I’m looking for a job. Hopefully something better than my last job.

I’ve only done one interview so far in two months of looking…and, I’m waiting for this laugh-track moment. Person at the place I’m interviewing at things I’m overqualified. However, she has a job that they haven’t even posted yet, that they think I would be good at. It would be salaried, I’d make about a third more money, and it would be a bit more interesting of a job. And, I think I would enjoy it.

They told me to check back with them on Friday (I interviewed on Thursday), and Friday they told me that they were considering things and were going to get in touch with me in about two weeks.

I won’t say that I’ve had a lot of bad things in my life, but I’m just worried that this isn’t going to work out and I won’t get the job because some massive form of imposter syndrome hit and I had to prove that I was real to the girl interviewing me.

Fingers crossed.

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