Getting Close To Done

I have about three more days of classes, then…probably Summer School.

And dealing with the EDD. I was actually able to talk to someone at EDD…who put me on hold for nearly three hours and hung up on me. Which, AFAIK, is something that happens on a regular basis with California EDD. I will have to try calling them on Monday.

I’ve been doing more writing on The Winter Solist and I’ve managed to get past the biggest plot issue that has kept me from finishing the middle third of the novel. I’m almost done with the middle third…which is good news indeed. Hopefully, I’ll have everything done in time for a September/October publication sequence.

And, first week in June, I’ll get some time away from home. Mostly an overnight trip-little bit of shopping, little bit of visiting friends, little bit of wishing the Memorial Day Weekend conventions (FanimeCon, BayCon, and KublaCon) were being held. Yes, I know, virtual conventions for them all…still want to do physical conventions. I miss people, in a positive manner, not a “but I’m working on my aim” sort of way.

Back to writing and editing and being busy.

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