Brain Bacon Sizzling

So, why haven’t I been writing a lot of anything-posts, more story bits from The Winter Solist, maybe some stuff for the other stories that I’ve been working on?

My brain…can aptly be described as over-cooked bacon right now. Dealing with California EDD. Trying to figure out how to handle advertising online-while taking a marketing certificate class. Looking at a marketing internship, followed by a job, and either of those has to be done soon, because I will be running out of unemployment in late September or so. The hatred of being stuck for the last year and some change. Writing woes. And a general just “I’m not wanting to deal with anything” brain that I hate.

Yep, I know this feeling. I’m not burned out, but I’m kind of over-cooked and under-tended. Classes for at least another month-I think I can make it to the end. A day trip somewhere, I can hope and dream. There’s a couple of places on AirBnB that look interesting and I really want to spend a day or so not being here.

And, getting my second dose of the Crow Flu vaccine and that means I’ll be feeling miserable for the next few days from that and I’ll be vaccinated on that front. Yay me!

Other writing projects? Still…meh. But, fingers crossed. Once classes are done, maybe I’ll have some extra time to do stuff.

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