So, Where Have I Been?

Where I wish I was? Nice hotel room, lovely ladies of consenting age, and peace and quiet for a weekend, to celebrate my upcoming birthday.

Where I’ve actually been? At home, writing. Getting through the plot-detangling for The Winter Solist and starting to write around the holes I made. Dealing with the switch over of medical plans from my employer to one I’m paying for myself. And, general “avoiding CNN when the cheap gay Chinese Anderson Cooper gynoid is on,” because putting an axe through the TV will get me talked about and require me to pay for a new TV.

And, sales numbers, very important. I’ve looked at how well Solist At Large has been selling and I could buy…three, maybe four of my sister’s over-processed diabetes-inducing Starbucks coffee concocitions with the profits. So…yay?

Back to work.

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