Yep, I Did Too Much

Just to remind everyone, Solist At Large is currently out for sale.

And, looking back from the perspective of “I can’t really do anything about it,” it’s now hitting me that I tried to squeeze two books-maybe three-into one. I have plot points that I will not use immediately, story bits that I could have moved into The Winter Solist (and now, will probably have to move into the untitled third book), and in general the book is too dense. Future researchers of my work will probably go, “he tried, but this was his first book and he overdid it.”

Live and learn, I suppose.

The great thing about this? I’m going through The Winter Solist, with an eye for getting rid of one or two major plot threads. The great thing about this? It’s going to allow me to really trim down some scenes that weren’t working well. There’s a major plot point in there that I couldn’t figure out how to make work-the threads were there, but I couldn’t connect them.

Trimming them let me make the plot work even better. I admit, it has also caused me to do two things-

  1. I’m probably going to have to add at least two or three more books to the series.
  2. A plot hook that I was going to move through the third book is going to be the whole reason for the third book.

Yes, very vague. I’m allowed to be vague, I’m a writer.

Back to the salt mines.

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