Scary, Spooky Quiet

One of my biggest issues is my work environment for writing. It’s not so much bad as irritating and I know this irritation makes me not happy and it’s harder to write. The big thing is ambient noise-namely The Parents habit of watching CNN, daytime talk shows, and similar things at “ear bleed” levels.

So, my birthday was coming up, and I got myself a birthday present. Did my research and due diligence and found that the Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones were some of the best at canceling noise and making things quiet. Ordered them by Amazon, just arrived today, and I had to download the drivers (because, of course, there are drivers) and I’m trying it out now.

And…it’s going to take some getting used to. Because of the software driver update, it’s only running off of my iPhone (an iPhone 6, BTW. If you want to contribute to getting me a phone made this decade, I do accept contributions, ask for PayPal link…). And, it is scary, spooky quiet. The loudest noise I can hear with these things I can hear besides the music are my fingers typing. That’s probably bone conduction through my fingertips-that’s how good the sound cancellation is. I have to clap rather hard-or make some other kind of noise-to hear anything outside of the headphones.

The headphones have a “3D sound” function, but that requires you to join a streaming service, and no thank you.

Opinion so far? Going to have to get used to this. I’ve never been a fan of headphones like this (I wear an AfterShokz Air when I go out rucking in the mornings or commuting when I was going to work, that kind of thing), but for work at home? Yes, absolutely. Especially if I won’t be distracted by the TV in the process.

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