It’s UP!

We’re up and running, and while this isn’t the formal “launch” of the site (that’s tomorrow, September 1st), I’ve gotten everything done that I think I need to get the site up and running. Next up, finish Solist At Large, get it up on KDP before 10/1, and…get started on other things.

I wanted to just thank, ahead of time, a whole lot of people-

  • My family, for being awesome in this time of suckage.
  • Everyone on the MHI and Sarah’s Diner Facebook pages, for listening to a new author.
  • Sarah Hoyt, specifically-she gave a LOT of help that I needed and I am very thankful for that.
  • Oh, and Mad Genius Club, who had a lot of details and information that was very helpful as well.

So, we’ll be getting ready for the formal launch tomorrow, and everything will be up and ready to go.

Fingers crossed.

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