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Imperial Tarawa-class Marine Transport

Built to carry a single Line Marine Expeditionary Unit (LMEU), the Tarawa-class was derived from the Hotspur-class heavy cruiser hull and shares a great deal of commonality with the Hotspur design. While armed in self-defense, the class was built mostly for the purpose of carrying, deploying, and supporting a LMEU, with the additional support of…

Three Tacos

I’m not sure exactly how this works in my head, but I have to think of it from a character point of view. In some ways, money I earn isn’t real to me. The numbers that I see don’t quite make sense as numbers. So, my brain starts trying to figure out ways to break…

We Remember

Remember for today the men and women that went out and did their duty. Some gave the best years of their lives. Some gave everything they had. Some gave it all and never came home. But they gave. And we remember.