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Half Way Through The Month…

…and, far, far too little to show for it. Real life events have been getting in the way too much. I didn’t go and I won’t be going to any of the large events happening around me, but there have been repercussions. And, it’s made it harder to write stuff because the world intrudes when … Continue reading Half Way Through The Month…

First Of The New Year

Short version-been busy, getting ready for this new and wonderful year of 2021 and that maybe we’ll have some conventions and events going on that I can get out of the house for extended periods of time. That is always good. Health is good, still have health care, back to school at the end of … Continue reading First Of The New Year

Merry Christmas To All

Well, we can’t say that 2020 hasn’t been interesting, in all of those “may you live in interesting times” sorts of ways. Wishing all of my friends, fans, and people that I love a much better 2021. I don’t think I can reasonably ask for more than that right now.