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My Academia Joys

…did IQs drop while I was away, am I on the right mix of medications for my issues, or maybe…I’m finally mature. Honestly, I’d prefer to the first two-it makes me wonder how much I still needed to grow up and didn’t until the last few years. But…better late than never. Did my second day … Continue reading My Academia Joys


Tonight’s post was going to be on issues with stories. Instead, I’m having to clean my dog and wash down the street because she got hit by a skunk. It wasn’t bad, but it’s still That Smell and now I’m going to be worried for a few hours and hope that she doesn’t have some … Continue reading Skunked!

The Process of Projects

With school coming up, I”m trying to figure out how many things I can get done…especially since I have quite a bit of writing and document creation to do. And, my school will be going for remote learning at least three weeks (I won’t have to commute at least…), so that means I have some … Continue reading The Process of Projects