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The Edge Of The Horizon

I’m done with school. It feels weird to say that. I’m done with school. I finished my last exam, put in my last paper (extra credit), and barring some massive mistake that I don’t know about yet, I’ve got my degree. It’s done. It might have taken me longer than I planned, but I’ve finished … Continue reading The Edge Of The Horizon

Headaches And Headaches

For the longest time, I was on stimulant medication to handle my ADHD. Then, about two years ago, my newest therapist tried out a different combination of medications (namely off-label heart medications), and I was doing a lot better for the issues that the ADHD meds were supposed to work on. But, I had the … Continue reading Headaches And Headaches

It’s Been Far Too Long

I’m going to be glad when I finish with school, because I will be leaving campus at speed once I’m finished. Look, I don’t pretend to be the most intellectual of people, but when you start pulling together gestalt theory and pointing out how The Hero With A Thousand Faces codified most of these things…and … Continue reading It’s Been Far Too Long